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IBBY 국제소식   

IBBY Administration and Communications Manager 모집 안내

마감: 2020년 1월 20일

근무장소: 스위스 IBBY 사무국

자세한 사항은 아래 혹은 첨부된 파일을 확인하시기 바랍니다.



The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) seeks a responsible and creative individual with strong administrative and communications skills to assist with the organization’s clerical tasks, membership outreach, social media promotion, and professional writing. Familiarity with a variety of technology and software tools and willingness to travel are expected. Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential and cultural sensitivity and knowledge of children’s literature are desirable.

1) Location

The IBBY Secretariat is in Nonnenweg, 4055 Basel, Switzerland

2) Key areas of responsibility

     Member Services

-        Cultivate relationships with members—face to face, through email, social media

-        Regular communications with members about events and activities

-        Basic services to members and inquiries over the website, including mailing orders, etc.

-        Collate data from the members’ biennial reports and writing of summary

-        Collate information for the IBBY Biennial Report

-        Participate at book fairs and IBBY Congresses


-        Coordinate submissions to IBBY Prizes, projects, etc., including basic administration

-        Coordinate IBBY exhibitions, including shipping to venues worldwide

-        Conduct day-to-day bookkeeping and payments (internet banking)

-        Maintain database of contacts, including keeping IBBY address list up-to-date

-        Record minutes during Executive Committee meetings

-        Carry out archiving and filing

-        Organize presence at book fairs and travel

-        Any other appropriate tasks as set out from time to time by the Executive Director

     Social Media

-        Maintain and develop IBBY’s presence on social media, including blogging, Facebook and Twitter

-        Maintain the IBBY website

-        Administer IBBY campaigns and coordinate with partners’ campaigns

3) Qualifications and Experience

-        Strong written and verbal communication skills in English, with working knowledge of other languages, in particular Spanish and German

-        Sound knowledge of software, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

-        Digital communication skills

-        Social media experience

-        Can work within a small team

-        Freedom to travel

-        Understanding of cultures and international experience welcome

-        Children’s literature knowledge and work experience desirable

4) Salary

The gross annual salary offered is CHF 60,900 per year (100%). The salary is paid at the end of each month and a 13th month is given in December each year. The annual holiday allowance is 20 working days per year (100%), rising to 25 days when reaching 50th birthday.



Please send your application, with a personal motivation letter addressing the responsibilities and skills required for the position, as well as an up-to-date Curriculum vitae to the IBBY Secretariat at the address below by 20 January 2020.







Liz Page

Executive Director

International Board on Books for Young People

Nonnenweg 12


CH-4009 Basel



Tel: +

Email: liz.page@ibby.org



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